Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lazy Sunday

It’s a very foggy and cloudy Sunday here; raining also…rather I should say drizzling. No plans to come out of home. Right now I am trying to think of things to do. There isn’t anything that sounds interesting. It’s a very sleepy and lazy weekend…full of lad (popular term of college days; people passed out from JU, Kolkata knows it very well, it means laziness). I have done nothing since morning, got up at 11.30…had some brunch and after that in front computer. I had to take a bath since I didn’t take yesterday…oops…sorry. Again back to computer, tweeting, checking my email obsessively. I tried to watch a movie but I lost interest. I worked on my blogs; I wish my readers would go up for all of them, also the followers. Only 3 followers… hahaha…need to increase quickly. I would like to get to 50 or more, it is like a little goal. Planning to order a pizza in the evening…what should I order? Farm House from Domino’s or Paneer El Rancho from Pizza Hut? Pizza reminds me Angel and Sonia always, I never had pizza without them… thinking of Sonia and wondering what she is doing right now, expecting a call right now. I miss our Sundays that we use to have together.

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