Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SUICIDE...the darkest part of life

Yesterday one girl put one question in general talks of bloggers.com. She was really depressed, might be broken hearted,she couldn't find out any reason to live and anything to live for...she was totally hopeless and needed help. She asked "Is suicide the answer??"
My inner voice told me "Arindam, do something...if u can".
I told her "We don't have the right to die. It is the almighty God, who sent us in this world to do something. He gave us some kind of a duty before sending us here and gave an order not to be back before completing this duty. We just can't leave... of course there would be many difficulties, many ups and down in your life. But we should have the power within us to face these situations. We really enjoy the happiness and achievements in our life. But when the situation of crisis, depression and difficulties comes we always try to get out of this situation as soon as possible by any means. We shouldn't leave from any kind of difficult situation... we can do anything if we have the self belief to do that. We should try to overcome the situations and leave rest to God. God is the ultimate authority... God sent us here... God will call us back when time comes.
I don't know this will help her or not...just pray to God to remove all darkness from her and show her the lights, so that she can walk easily on the path of life...she has to complete the duty whatever God had given her before coming to the world.
Guys...what do you think?..Is it really going to help her???

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