Saturday, December 26, 2009

FACTS (Known/ Unknown)

Everybody knows these facts I guess, just to remind you one more time.
1) Don’t eat Kurkure, because it contains high amount of plastics. If you don’t believe it, just burn Kurkure and you’ll see the poisonous plastics.

2) Don’t drink APPY FIZZ, because it contains cancer causing agent.

3) Don’t eat Mentos before or after drinking Pepsi or Coke, because you can die as the mixture becomes Cyanide.

4) Avoid the following tablets as they are very dangerous:
• D Cold
• Vicks Action-500
• Actified
• Coldarin
• Co Some
• Nice
• Nimulid
• Cetrizet-D
These tablets contain PPA (Phenyl- Propanol-Amide), which can cause Strokes, and these tablets are banned in US.

5) Don’t put your mobile closer to your ear until the recipient starts answering, because immediately after dialing the mobile phone use its maximum signaling power, which is 2 watts = 33 dBi. Please be careful and always try to use left ear while using mobile phone, because if you use right one it may affect brain directly.

6) Last but not the least in this list is use of Cotton Ear Buds:- Please don’t show sympathy to people selling buds on roadside or at signals, because those buds are made from the cotton already been used in hospitals. They take all dirty, blood and pus filled cotton, wash it, bleach it and use it to make ear buds. So unless you really want to get infected by Herpes Zoster Oticus (A viral infection of the inner, middle and external ear), PLEASE DON’T BUY.

Source: Dr. T.S.Roy, MD, PhD
AIIMS, New Delhi, India


  1. this is an informative provided an insightful comment in my website too...

  2. Hi Arindam,
    The things that you have mentioned above are not really facts but rumours. I do not know about the other stuffs mentioned here but where Kurkure is concerned, the Kurkure plastic rumour is absolutely baseless. How can there be plastic in Kurkure when Kurkure is made with ingredients including rice meal, corn meal, gram meal, salt, spices, etc that we use in our daily kitchen. Kurkure burns because of the presence of corn starch in it and not because of plastic.