Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pleasant Weekend

The weekend was very pleasant. The temperature was roaming around 42 degree to 44 degree Celsius for the last 15 days or so. Evening thunder shower in the last couple of days brought down the mercury height. A big relief from the scorching heat wave for the last couple of weeks. Yesterday the maximum temperature recorded was 36.7 degree Celsius, 2 degree below normal. The weather of yesterday evening was awesome, we went for a drive and then had a cup of coffee; And while coming back visited Chungwa, (one of the best Chinese restaurant of Delhi and we are the regular customer of them) and had some Chinese dishes. The rain and the pleasant weather is more than welcome by the Delhiites, people enjoyed every moment of this super cool weekend. We hope the weather continues for some more days so that we can enjoy it more.  

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