Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day - 9th May

This is for all mothers in the world. 
Mothers are God for her child. Just like God is responsible for us, his creations, a mother is responsible for her child. Hence, she should be treated with all the dignity and respect possible.
We should really thank our mothers for everything they had done for us. She fed us, burped us, spent many sleepless nights to take care of us, walked up in the middle of the night to comfort us, all this she did selflessly and without any help. Really hats off to them.
Mother doesn't exist until the birth of a baby takes place. The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. A mother also starts her new life along with her child. Child starts learning from her mother how to survive in this world and the mother starts learning about motherhood.
The hearts of the child and the mother are connected so strongly, that you can't hide anything from your mother. She can read her child so accurately even from long distance away.
Mother is the only person in the world who can open her arms selflessly to love her child, she can do anything for her child... she always feels her child very innocent and little kid, whatever may be the age of her child is.

Mom, I know your arms are always open
when I need a hug.
Your heart understand when I need a friend.
Your strength and love 
guide me and give me wings to fly...

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