Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Beggar And His 200 Bucks

Beggar1: Dude, I had the best and awesome dinner at a 5 star restaurant in Taj last night.
Beggar2: How come?
Beggar1: A dude gave me 200 bucks yesterday.
Beggar2: 5 star food at Taj just for 200 bucks!?
Beggar1: Yeah...
I went to Taj, ordered food worth 5000 bucks, drank to my hearts content. Then when the bill came I told them I don't have any money, they called the police. The police officer took me outside. I gave him that 200 bucks and he set me free...

Delhi Police!
With You For You Always :-)

Today morning I heard this joke from my best friend, as an Indian I have enjoyed it... really!!! And what about you???

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