Friday, April 2, 2010

Mohabbat - A Real love Story (Episode 2)

Yes, once again God saved Aditya. He's come out of the situation which I had described in the first episode of this story. Somya has forgotten everything and comeback to her love of life, Aditya.
Oh sorry, last time I had forgotten to introduce the hero and heroine of my story.
Let me do that first; Aditya, hero of my story, a simple and introvert guy from a middle-class family of Kolkata. He came to Delhi for his job ten years back.
Somya, heroine of my story; a very beautiful, smart, and extrovert Delhi girl. 
Their love story had started long time back, I don't remember the exact time... but it was around nine years from now; when Aditya got fractured in his left foot and Somya used to come to see him as a good friend and neighbor. It was a very lonely, helpless period of Aditya's life; when nobody was there in his home to help him out and he found the presence of sweet little Somya the most valuable. She used to come to him after her classes and used to help him and spend 20-30 minutes with him. This 20-30 minutes of everyday was the most memorable time period of Aditya's life; he used to wait for the next day to come so eagerly. He discovered a new development in his life at that time; the day started becoming incomplete without seeing her for a moment. The feeling, that started to grow in his life, was something beyond everything, it's really inexplicable. Is this called Love? He didn't know the answer before, but slowly he started realising that Somya had already taken the most important position in his life.

Is this love?
Maine naa jaana...
Ahhaa ha ahaa
Is this love?
Tuhi bata naa
Ahhaa ha ahaa

Kahi na lage mann,
Kya hai yeh sunapan,
Ahaa... ahaa
Mujhe tum bata do,
Koi to wajah do,

Har ghadi ab khayalon mein,
Keh raha hai koi,
Har ghadi mere khwabon mein,
Aa raha hai koi,

Is this love?
Maine naa jaana
Ahhaa ha ahaa
Is this love?
Tuhi bata naa
Ahhaa ha ahaa...

to be continued...

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