Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mohabbat - A Real Love Story

Aditya is feeling no good, he broke his mobile yesterday... the second one. Oh my God, he has gone back to the same state of mind he used to have four years back... full of negativity. At that time he broke his first mobile (it was almost a new one).
Aditya is unable to understand what happened to Somya, why she is reacting so badly. He never told anything wrong about Somya's father. He doesn't have any kind of mentality to show others inferior. Somya, whom he loves more than his life... for whom he sacrifices everything, started fighting very badly after an argument between them.
Aditya, full of positivity, who has been taking everything positively for the last four years, is feeling very low at that moment. Once again all negative thinking is coming back to his mind.
Nothing is coming to his mind now, he is unable to decide what should be the right thing to do at that very critical moment of relationship. 
Aditya always has been a very patient guy, being impatient now. His heartbeat is ticking very fast... more than 110 bpm now.
Aditya's inner mind always tells him what is going to happen; it had already warned him about that situation. And as per his inner mind this situation was supposed to come during this year's Valentine's Day. But it has come a little late and he was unable to avoid this situation. He is feeling zero, he is blank now.
Oh God, please help Aditya. Once again show him the right path like always you do during the critical situations.
He has so much faith in God; God is the only one... who always saves him.
Aditya shouldn't take any wrong decision. And of course God should help Somya also; Aditya won't survive without her.
I am sure Somya will forget everything and comeback to her love, Aditya very soon.



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