Saturday, February 6, 2010

Glass Paintings

This is a painting... a glass painting of God Ganesha created by me 4 years back. Today is a very special day for me and this painting. Four years back on the same day I gifted this special creation to someone special... guess who?...  Yes, you are right guys... its none other than Sonia. Yes, because of her inspiration I was able to make this painting. Painting was my hobby during my school days... my college days, I loved to make portraits, sketching, painting etc. But nowadays I hardly get any time to make any paintings. When I was kid, my mother got me admitted to a painting school, and I was one of the sincere and favourite students of that school for 2 years before I went to a boarding school at the age of 10. In that school I learned many forms of paintings... but I never made glass paintings. This was my first glass painting, so I was little nervous. After that I made two more glass paintings. 
Now I am thinking to go back to favourite style... i.e. sketching. I love to sketch anything which you see... which is infront of you.
You will see one of my sketches very soon.   
I am thankful to Sonia for this as I always… This is Sonia, who kicked and the bike started to run… because of her I was able to restart one of my old hobbies.

So don’t leave your hobbies… your hobbies give you pleasure, happiness.

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