Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bright and Sunny Sunday

Its one more Sunday today, but this isn't a cloudy and foggy one... it's a bright and sunny Sunday after a long time. I've completed all my works scheduled for the morning, posted my weekly post 'Predictions for the week ahead' also in my other blog 'Whats Ur Star Says'. Now watching the final match of the Australian Open 2010 between Roger Federer and Andy Murray on TV, and also thinking for the topic to post.
Yesterday I watched the biggest hit Hindi movie of present time '3 Idiots'. It's really superb... the story, the direction and ofcourse the acting of all actors... everything. The story is about three engineering students... how they study, how they endure mental pressure, how they enjoy their college life and how they help their friends in bad times. It really made me nostalgic... it reminded me my college life with my friends. These three or four years in college is the best time period in everyones life I guess, ... really unforgettable.
It has a message also, and the message is for all parents... let your children to walk on the way they want to walk, not the way you want your children to walk... you discuss with them, if you find them wrong then guide them, advise them but never force them.
I really enjoyed any movie after a long time... all over it's a great weekend I could say.  

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