Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Sunday - its lazy again

I am very sorry friends, I didn’t write any post for the last two days. Actually I didn’t get time to write, because Angel hasn’t been well. After celebrating her 7th birthday three days back, on 14th she stopped eating. We got her Blood Test done, infection in uterus and little problems in liver found. Doctor prescribed some medicines and told to comeback after a week, if uterus infection continues then he will decide the next step i.e. Ultrasound, uterus operation (if required) etc. Now she feels better than before, yesterday night she had a couple of white balls (its egg, better know as white ball to Angel).
Another Sunday and again it’s a very foggy Sunday here. It’s very cold too, so no plans to come out of home. Again full of lad (already explained to you, just to remember … popular term of Jadavpur University, Kolkata, it means laziness). Its 8.30 now and I am writing something, quite unnatural…it’s the time to stay in bed… today is a Sunday friends. But my sleep (sound sleep after some days) got spoiled by the most irritating sound i.e. my calling bell rang by my maid, so I had to wake up at 7.30 today.
Angel is sleeping now, sound sleep… I’ll have to prepare my breakfast and cook something for lunch and keep my eyes on TV for India-Bangladesh cricket match. And ofcourse I will sit with my laptop also, for some tweeting, emailing, blogging etc.
Ok friends… got to go now… feeling hungry, comeback soon with a surprise.

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