Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mohabbat - A Real Love Story (Episode 3)

Aditya is feeling very lonely. So many things are coming into his mind, but he can't do anything. Somya, only love of Aditya's life, expects a lot from him. Aditya always tries to fulfil Somya's every wish, he accepts anything, faces any situation to make Somya happy. He never think about himself, kills all his desires. He's sacrificed many things to give her more comforts and happiness. But still there is something missing, he fails to meet her expectations. Somya thinks she wasn't properly guided by Aditya, she got completely frustrated from everything... from her family, her job, her lover everything. She wants Aditya to take all responsibilities a husband should take for his wife.  Aditya tries a lot, but can't do beyond a certain limit; because there are many things which is not possible till a girl stays in her parental home. In India, you can't do many things... you can't take many responsibilities until you get married officially.
Both Aditya and Somya got frustrated now. They pray to God to do something, sometimes they pray for their death (they pray separately, not telling each other).
This becomes a regular situation in their life now. I have a solution of that situation, their marriage... they will come out of that situation when they get married. But I don't know the reason why they don't do that. They have been in relationship for the last 9 years. But still not married and stay separate. Its a big question, most important and common question from all their friends and relatives... When will they get married?

to be continued...

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  1. Hello Arindam, I like your template now. I can type my comment any time I visit your blog.

    I hope my man will be like Aditya who will treat me like real Princess. (lol)

  2. Thanks for your comments Princess. In my opinion, there should not be any man like Aditya in today's condition. He doesn't know everybody is selfish in this world.