Monday, April 5, 2010

World Health Day - April 7

World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7, under the sponsorship of the WHO (World Health Organization).
In 1948, WHO held the first World Health Assembly. They decided to celebrate 7th April of every year, with effect from 1950, as the World Health Day. The World Health Day is celebrated to create "awareness of a specific health theme to highlight a priority area of concern for the WHO". Theme of World Health Day2010 is 'Be part of a global movement to make cities healthier', it will focus on urbanization and health. With the campaign "1000 cities - 1000 lives", the events will be organized worldwide. Globally, there is a marked increase in the number of people suffering due to lifestyle related diseases and India is no different.
Healthy living is not difficult to learn and practice. Doctors advise that regular morning and evening walk together with proper sleep and good diet is a must for maintaining a good health.
Several alternative therapies are also becoming popular nowadays. Some traditional therapies like ayurveda, homeopathy, yoga etc. ensure complete wellness. Other emerging therapies are like dance therapy, prayer therapy, color therapy etc. are also becoming a popular option to cure the lifestyle diseases. These methods ease the stress and tension of modern day lifestyle.
Let's make this World Health Day an occasion to shift towards healthy living.

Source: Wikipedia


  1. Good information and updated, I just realized if dated April 7 is World Health Day

  2. Thank you so much for your comments. And yes it is... we should remember the date and celebrate World Health Day on 7th day of April every year.