Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When our security people start watching CCTV to catch bomber before blast

CCTV footage near blast site could reveal vital clues

One more blast, once again our investigators and police are watching CCTV footage after the blast to find out the attackers. This is the way our so called security department works... they are paid to find out the attackers after the blast, not before the blast. CCTV (Close Circuit Television) installed at every busy and important area... many of them are not working and the others are to help our investigators for finding out the bombers after the blast.

13th February's bomb blast in Pune had taken 9 lives and 60 odds got injured. Five friends, including two siblings, got together at German Bakery where the blast took place, to celebrate Ankik Dhar's recent promotion (ex IITian, worked for JP Morgan). But they couldn't complete their celebration; they all had taken the table that the bomber selected to hide his haversack.

They all were aged between 22 and 23, as Ankik's sister Anindyee was just 19, a first-year BA (English) student of Fergusson College. They all had many dreams in their lives, but all ended before turn into truth.

What was their fault? They didn't do anything wrong, they were also children of some parents. Nobody can realize the pain of loss... only they know who have lost their child. Nobody will lose anything except the parents of the victims. Our security people won't lose their job, Politician won't lose their seat. If tomorrow something happen to any of our VVIPs then many people will lose their jobs; that is why our security people do their best to protect the VVIPs.

Why so much of discrimination between a VVIP and a common public??? Why everytime we sacrifice our lives???


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