Friday, February 19, 2010

Dance India Dance - A Popular Reality Dance Show on Indian Television

Dance India Dance (Season 2) - Wild Card Result

According to the voting on, there were Total of : 31,904 Votes Casted and the Top4 Contestants are as below :-
  • Dharmesh (79%, 9,660 Votes)
  • Parvez Rehmani (38%, 4,582 Votes)
  • Jack (37%, 4,546 Votes)
  • Saajan Singh (31%, 3,767 Votes)
Now what matters most is the official voting on the Zee TV Website and SMS Voting from within India.
No girls in the list, not very much surprising... because every time when public voting comes into the picture in any reality show, girls start eliminating.
Where is Amrita Mitra??? She danced flawlessly with powerful expressions... best performance of the show so far as per judges and Mithun da, she should deserve to be in the top 12.
And what about Vandana? The queen of expressions... unfortunately given a poor choreography, but she is amazing... always very graceful.
At least one of these two girls should be selected for top 12... Let’s hope for the best.
The four girls already reached the top 12 are Shakti Mohan, Binny Sharma, Nikitasha and Kruti Mahesh.

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