Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today is 24th January…National Girl Child Day in India. Like many people I was also not aware of that. I came to know about the same today only while going through the morning news paper. Thanks to UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government for introducing such an important movement towards saving of girl child.

‘Can you imagine India without women’ – such a wonderful slogan issued by Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India.
‘Woman’ – if you think about the word, the first picture comes to our mind is ‘Maa’ - a mother. She gives birth to child…we all are here in this world because of mother, a woman. No existence of a man without a mother. Looking at the 2001 census it is really concerning the way sex ratio is decreasing… there is a sharp decline from 976 girls to 1000 boys in 1961 to 927 as per the last census of 2001. In some states of India which are predominantly agricultural, it is even lower.
It’s our instinct to misuse the science and technology. People get the Ultrasound test done to find out the sex of the unborn child and get the child aborted if it is a baby girl. Under the Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Technique (Provision of Sex Selection) (PCPNDT) Act 2003, it is a crime to identify sex of the foetus, but still it has been going on and baby girls are being aborted.
Women are strong, caring, graceful, loving, generous, intelligent, tough, hard working…they are the wealth of this country, they made us proud in every field, they contribute equally everywhere. Our present President Mrs. Pratibha Patil is a woman. Even though we the people of India don’t want a girl child…why? What is the reason? We think only son is responsible for carrying forward of the family name, they will support us in our old age, they will earn money, they can continue our business after us, they will bring money & properties in the name of dangerous ‘Dowry’ during marriage. Girl can not do all this, and on the other hand they are the liabilities on the family, we will have to spend lots of money during her marriage in the form of again the same dangerous ‘Dowry’. Poor thinking of a sick man,… everybody is talking about rural area, but I can guarantee you even in urban area also, most of the people think in the same manner. We are educated, modern, so called developed, rich people of twenty first century but we still think like the way we used to think 50 years back. Before teaching others we have to look at ourselves… we’ll have to change our thinking. Our mother has to be strong to protest against gender discrimination.
A girl is no lesser child, she isn’t weak. Like boys, she is also entitled to survival, a life with dignity, grace and equal opportunities.
It is the time to wake up and make the country proud.
No girl means no future.


(Data taken from TIMES OF INDIA)

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