Sunday, January 10, 2010

MAGGI- My Dearest Friend

Just completed my dinner with Maggi. I normally have it whenever I don't want to cook.
Maggi, a very popular brand of instant noodles produced by Nestle. People of all ages simply love it, its like a very good friend of everybody. In India, people start meeting with that very good friend at their tiffin time when they use to go to tiny taught and they don't leave it's company till the end.
Its about 25 years back, I still remember the day when Maggi came to my life for the first time, that day Maggi were distributed to our school. It was a promotional gift distribution by Nestle. I came back home with 2 packets. My friendship with Maggi started from that day.
There are lots of good memories coming to my mind at that moment. I started my cooking career with Maggi. That time I stayed in bachelor's hostel provided by our company for Management Trainees. We brought a cooking heater in our room to cook Maggi whenever we feel hungry. That was the beginning of cooking...after that I learned many items to cook. Many thanks to Maggi, because of which I learned cooking.
I still remember my school days, when my brother and I use to prepare different dishes of Maggi...Chatpata Maggi (Maggi mixed with namkeen, chopped onion and green chili), Maggi Omelette etc. I love Chatpata Maggi the most, the other dishes of Maggi I love to prepare are Paneer Maggi, Soya Maggi, Maggi Mix etc.
Last year during October-November, my parents came to my place. We use to have Maggi every weekend. My old father still loves it.
I can't think of my life without Maggi. I always keep Maggi packets in my kitchen. It has been part of my life for more than 25 years. Thank you very much Maggi for taking care of my family and also thousands of families like ours.
I wish you long life and all the best for years ahead.


  1. Maggi Omelet, I never tasted such food..its good also that you learned cooking through maggi...

  2. This is a very interesting write. You speak of Maggi as if the food item was a person. It is so amazing how humans can take the simplest thing and cherish its every memory.

    To be completely honest, I don't cook very well (except Spanish food). Then again to me, cooking is a form of art. It's amazing how some people can put colors and ingredients together...

  3. @Karl Lopez - Yes, that's why Maggi is my dearest friend... in every critical situation Maggi is with me, I learned cooking through Maggi.
    @Racquel - You are right, cooking is a form of art. Like all other art, in cooking also... you have to love it first, then only you can put a touch of feelings, creativity, innovations into it to make it outstanding. More you love, the more beautiful it is.